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One time password via SMS online in 2021

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26 May 2021, 16:54 GMT+10

Traditionally, passwords had lots of shortcomings. Even the passwords that seemed relatively secure had some drawbacks. For, the more often you use a password, the higher risk of it being guessed. Perpetrators usually perform repeated attacks and get what they need at the end. So, users end up with their passwords intercepted.

You might be extra careful, but it makes no difference because even big-name companies have become victims of cybercriminals getting access to tons of personal data of the customers over the last few years.

If you'd like to protect your online presence, you can use a strategy that involves changing your passwords regularly. Though, you don't have to do it on an everyday basis. You can fall back on another method of solving this problem, namely a one-time password.

How one-time password works

This is a kind of password that may be used no more than one time. After that, the password becomes unavailable. OTP stands for one-time use, and they are also known as OTP codes. One-time passwords often include letters alongside numbers. They are created for only one login. After that, it expires and is useless for a second session.

One-time passwords are suitable for such areas as online shopping or banking; however, many organizations are starting to use them massively. The first thing is to enter your login details. And after that, you need to generate your OTP code. Then goes an additional layer of security, security token.

That additional layer of security is crucial; it increases your protection. If some other person gets access to your password at the time of authorization, i.e., login, they won't get a one-time password since it is only created when needed. For that matter, an increasing number of companies start using two-factor authentication, especially as far as sensitive data goes.

How to get a one-time password

There's a couple of ways for users to receive a one-time password, and most of them have some shortcoming in terms of security.


If you use this way of receiving a one-time password, you need a high-end SMS service. After entering login credentials, user name, and password, a text message with a one-time password will be sent to the user via SMS. To protect your privacy and not use SMS services of mobile carriers, you can use SMS online. This is a reliable source of secure text messages.

SMS online

Virtual mobile number for SMS verification is another way to receive one-time passwords. OnlineSIM provides virtual phone numbers of mobile carriers worldwide, and there are more than 10,000 phone numbers from more than 30 countries available on the OnlineSIM website.

If you need to register on any online service - be it social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, email service like Gmail or Discord, or any other messaging platform like Tinder, Telegram, WhatsApp, WeChat, Line, Viber, and so forth, go to the OnlineSIM website and select the service that you need from the list and the country code for your number.

Copy the number you see to the registration page on the site where you need to sign up. After that, you'll see a one-time password in your account on OnlineSIM. Copy it to your registration page to complete your registration.

OnlineSIM generates phone numbers via its proprietary software and hardware with SIM cards. When you send an SMS via its number, it goes to a SIM card, and then you can see it in your account on the site.

You can use virtual disposable numbers for receiving one-off passwords or personal messages and keep your privacy and anonymity unscathed. You won't need to buy another SIM card and service plan from a mobile carrier.

OnlineSIM service is designed to avoid using physical SIM cards for customers. You only get a number - without a SIM - and can always see it in your account, where you can also see SMS messages with verification codes, i.e., your one-time passwords.

A short-term number of rents is also available; using this option, you can get messages from one online service only, or you can rent a number for a longer time, receiving SMS for an unlimited period from any number of websites or apps.


Voice messages are an alternative means of receiving SMS. For this method, you need a landline or mobile phone number. The passwords won't be stored on a physical device. But it's a costly method that also requires a device in place.

Moreover, these passwords that users receive via voice messages have a limit in terms of a short character list to choose from. You don't get in your one-time password some specific symbols; otherwise, it would be difficult to send them over voice message. And sometimes, it takes several attempts to send such a password.


One-time passwords can also be delivered via email address. This is not an expensive option, but you do it at a security risk. According to the stats, email is the origin of over 90% of all the cyberattacks that happen on the internet. And this is not a 100% secure method of authentication compared to others. Users also have to have constant access to their email addresses.

Push notification

One-time passwords might also be sent via push notifications. Technically this method is similar to SMS, with one catch. Passwords are sent as a push notification on a user's device via a specific app. After seeing the code on the screen, they will have to copy it to the registration page. It's probably the cheapest method for one-time passwords since, compared to SMS, you don't have to spend additional costs for delivering a message.

It is also regarded as one of the most secure solutions and being user-friendly and intuitive. If you use some latest devices, you can add additional factors of authentication, like Face ID or fingerprint scan.

Mixed method

If you need to, you can also use SMS and push notifications at the same time via a hybrid system. How does it work? You get a password via push notification, but in case you don't have a specific mobile app installed, you might fall back to the SMS method. Sometimes another process is added on top of these two, the voice messages. Using this kind of approach, you will always be sure to receive your password.

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