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Why Sports Betting Is Growing In Popularity In 2021

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24 Jun 2021, 03:41 GMT+10

Bookmakers and wagering operators that specialise in sports betting, known as sportsbooks, have always proven to be amongst the most successful arms of the gaming and gambling industry, and its upward trajectory only looks set to continue throughout the course of 2021.

According to the latest studies, there are over 30,000 bookies and operators that allow for legal sports betting, with the lottery and sports betting arm of the gambling industry worth an estimated $218.49 billion U.S. dollars at the end of 2020. As alluded to above, this number looks set to be broken over the course of 2021 as the sports world leads the way back to normality in the wake of a disrupted 2020 year for the sporting world. Here's everything you need to know about why sports betting is growing in popularity this year.

The Rise Of Online Wagering

Wagering has made its way into the digital space over the past decade or so, and has proven to be a winning harmony so far during this time. Not only does the advent of online wagering eliminate the age old problem of relying on traditional brick and mortar bookies, subject to opening hours and geographical placement, to place bets, but the global reach of the online space has opened up a whole world of opportunities in terms of choice for users to explore.

One look at the best sports betting markets at a specialist site such as will showcase just how stacked and diverse the online betting sphere has become to operators, and the added competition amongst operators has led to them honing their focuses and offering increasingly lucrative odds, offers and promotions.

Social Media Helps Promote Conversation And Discussion

With the rise of the internet has come with it the emergence of social media platforms as the preferred way of communication amongst bettors. Not only is this a great tool for bookies and operators to promote their business and spread the word about upcoming events or promotions, but the instantaneous nature of social media communication allows for punters to discuss potential wagers with each other in groups or chains, which helps raise awareness and interest in betting.

More Sport On Show Than Ever Before

Another reality of the wider sports industry right now is that there is simply more sporting events on show and available for wagering on than any other time before. 2021 is a year that will contain the likes of UEFA's Euro 2020 and the ICC T20 World Cup in the soccer/football and cricket worlds alone which, on top of all the domestic leagues and pyramids returning in full force just raises how many more matches and markets there in play for users to place bets on.

With the rise of lucrative partnerships with outside multinational companies and the increasing value behind broadcast and television deals, the sports industry is seeing a consistent trend in governing bodies such as the NBA or FIFA jam-packing in as many matches over the course of a season as they can, with the recent proposals for the UEFA Champions League and UEFA Conference League being prime examples of this in action.

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